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If you haven’t heard this before, you might be surprised to hear it: your brand is not your name or your logo.

Brand is not even the product or service you offer.

Brands evoke emotion. It’s what people experience and how they perceive you.
A brand is therefore not tangible; it’s what people will remember and what you may be loved or disliked for.


Should I invest in branding?

For something as elusive as the concept of branding, the answer might not be as obvious.

However branding is your company’s backbone. It is how you communicate with your audience, how you create awareness and it is an important tool in growing your business for the future.

An investment in branding can produce measurable results over time, so if you are someone looking to create a strong foundation for your company, a well-built brand will be your greatest ally.

What are some benefits of branding?

  • Marketing becomes easier and more effective
  • Your business gains more credibility
  • You can raise your prices and therefore increase profit
  • It allows you to sell your product or service more easily

Is branding the same as brand identity design?

No. Identity is an essential part of branding, but it’s only one of the pieces.
An identity comprises all the aspects used to communicate your brand to your audience. This may include (but not limited to) your visual identity (logo, colours etc.), a website, packaging, verbal identity (slogans, taglines etc.) video, ads and more.

How can Konstant help me with my brand?

Although we are primarily a design studio, we view strategy as an essential part of the design process. We have nearly a decade of experience helping define brands and have always been involved in crafting the brand story, evolving communications through copyrighting and developing engaging identities. Design, for us, is an essential means to an end, with the end being your business goals.



The historic Austrian Composers organization was reimagined to communicate a dynamic, fun, yet mature organization that prioritizes people and their goals as composers.

Click below to explore the project and see how the brand got a breath of fresh air.

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