Austrian Composers

rebranding a historical organization

Having been around for over a century, the Austrian Composers association was ready to reestablish itself in order to attract aspiring young composers across Austria and Europe. Its aging identity was reimagined to communicate a dynamic, fun, yet historic organization that prioritizes people and their goals as composers.

Taking inspiration from the universal composing tool, the piano, the logo is a reflection of the timeless nature of the instrument and its function as a bridge between the idea and the end product. Furthermore, the abstract and varied nature of it aims to communicate all of the aspects of a universally balanced composition (highs and lows, width and precision, depth, motion).

The shape of the logomark lends itself to a variety of applications, creating movement and dynamic compositions. The overall aesthetic and tone was conceived to strike a balance between formal, contemporary and playful all at once, attempting to make the identity system as flexible as possible.


Overall increase in membership sign-ups


Increased brand awareness for young composers


Improved effectiveness of marketing efforts