Signature Collection & Web Presence
Identity Design | UX | E-commerce

SALISA is a well established, high-end fashion brand, dedicated to the manufacturing of small-run, hand-made garments. Having focused on the Thai market since its inception, SALISA tasked Konstant Studio with developing their e-commerce site to expand their reach globally.

The solution was to create a minimal and elegant, yet responsive, online store that would serve as the sales hub for the brand. Ample white space and simple and to the point navigation were the main ‘must-haves’ for an intuitive and easy-to-use purchasing experience.

Additionally, Konstant was tasked with creating the monogram for the signature line of SALISA’s bespoke garments. The goal was to create a unique emblem that would be easily identifiable, flexible in its use and timeless. The monogram fits into the minimalist nature of the brand while maintaining the flexibility to be used more as a featured design element in any given occasion.


230% increase in search appearances on Google.


Improved click rate and user retention


Overall improvement in brand awareness